Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'll Be Watching You

The assignment was to follow an unsuspecting citizen. I must admit the sheer thought of invading someones private space in such a way caused me to feel anxious. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of it. It made me feel as though I was a creep or a stalker. Me and Nikki met at around noon on Tuesday. We started out infront of City Hall. I wanted to walk underneath of the building so I chose to follow the first person headed in that direction. Nikki followed behind me and took pictures of my adventure. The man must have been in his late 40s. He wore a grey suit and had a long stride. It was diffucult to keep up with the man and I soon lost him. I decided to go with the flow and set my sites on another middle aged man. This man was not as lanky as the first. He had an average pace and wore a brown cap which was easy to spot. I stood side by side with the man on several occasions. When stopped on a corner I suddenly became worried. He glanced in my direction and it appeared for a moment that my cover was blown. The man led me past a Hard Rock Cafe and into The Reading Terminal Market. Once inside the man immediately grabbed a basket and began to shop for vegetables. I decided to hang back for a while making sure to keep from his line of sight. After several minutes of pussy footing around I decided to try and get as close as possible. I made two passes by the man and on the second he seemed to look be right in the eyes.

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